Mechanical Keyboard: Something best

If we are looking for the quickest response keyboard– a Mechanical Keyboard is the answer. This term often surfaces and has gained popularity among its enthusiasts and professionals. You may use it for typing, gaming, or any professional use.

But what exactly are mechanical keyboards, and what sets them apart from the more traditional membrane keyboards? 

Let’s explore in this blog post more about the fascinating world of mechanical keyboards, examining their construction, and advantages. Also, let’s find out why they have become the go-to choice who seeks precision, durability, and perfect typing experience.

How do they work?

These keyboards are built using individual mechanical switches for each key, as opposed to the rubber dome switches found in most membrane keyboards. 

They function using mechanical switches or clicky switches which increase response time and accuracy. These switches are made up of a spring-loaded mechanism that registers a keystroke when pressed, sending a signal to the computer. The Switch then restores its original position getting ready for the next keystroke. 

How is their typing experience?

The best typing experience is one of the primary reasons users opt for mechanical keyboards. The clicky switches offer tactile feedback and a sound click, giving satisfaction with every keystroke. This feedback allows typists to develop a sense of key actuation, reducing errors and improving typing speed and accuracy. 

These keyboards have a higher actuation force, providing a more deliberate and controlled typing experience.


Are they durable and long-lasting?

Yes, they are renowned for their durability as gamers need. Here individual mechanical switches are designed to withstand millions of keystrokes, significantly far beyond the lifespan of membrane keyboards. 

The robust build of mechanical keyboards makes them excellent long-term investments for individuals who spend a significant amount of typing or gaming. Gamers would really like to combine with gaming console devices.

Is their customization option available?

Yes, they offer customization allowing users to select the switch types that best suit their preferences and typing style. Popular switches are:

  1. Cherry MX switches 
  2. Razer switches 
  3. Gateron switches.

Users can also choose from different actuation forces, feedback levels like- tactile or linear, and even the sound profile of the switches. This customization ensures that every user can find a keyboard that matches their specific requirements. Through customization, users can choose as per their preferences.

How do they perform? 

They hold respectable status within the gaming community, and their tactile feedback and quick actuation time particularly benefit in fast gaming scenarios, where microseconds can make a difference. 

Many keyboards also offer features like anti-ghosting and N-kay rollover ensuring that every key press is registered precisely and accurately, even during intense gaming and simultaneous key presses. 

Keyboards have gained a resurgence in popularity in recent years, partly due to their retro and nostalgic appeal. The audible click and solid construction evoke memories of classic typewriters, offering a sense of nostalgia for some users. 

Sound click and solid construction bring back memories of classic typewriters, offering a sense of nostalgia for some users. Making this a blend of modern technology and vintage flair.


Mechanical Keyboard-Light

What is the difference between mechanical and membrane(normal) keyboards?

Below are listed some features of membrane and mechanical keyboards:

Mechanical Keyboard


Working Mechanism -Uses individual mechanical(clicky) switches to generate a response.

Response -The key just needs a gentle press to develop a response 

Cost – A bit costly.

Sound -Produce sound when pressed

Feedback -Tactile feedback, hence preferred for gaming.

Customization option -Offers customization options like switch keys, keycap, and lightning.

Normal Keyboard

Working Mechanism -Uses a rubber layer with tops hitting the circuit underneath to generate a response.

Response – Keys may be hit hard to develop a response 

Cost – Budget-friendly

Sound -Does not produce sound.

Feedback – Less tactile 

Customization option -Fewer customization options.

Let’s discuss some available mechanical keyboards: 

  1. Ducky One 2 Mini: Known for its compact size, customizable RGB lighting, and reliable Cherry MX switches, the Ducky One 2 Mini is a popular choice among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.
  2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum: This high-end option features an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, dedicated macro keys, per-key RGB lighting, and Cherry MX switches for a premium typing experience.
  3. Logitech G Pro X: Designed with professional gamers in mind, the Logitech G Pro X offers hot-swappable switches, customizable RGB lighting, and a sturdy build for precise and comfortable gaming.
  4. SteelSeries Apex Pro: The SteelSeries Apex Pro stands out for its innovative adjustable actuation switches, allowing you to customize the sensitivity of each key to suit your typing or gaming preferences.
  5. Razer Huntsman Elite: Featuring Razer’s optomechanical switches, the Huntsman Elite offers fast actuation and a tactile feel, along with customizable underflow and media controls.
  6. Keychron K6: This keyboard caters to those who want a wireless option with a compact layout and hot-swappable switches, making it a versatile choice for both work and play.
  7. Leopold FC660M: Known for its minimalist design, sturdy build, and high-quality Cherry MX switches, the Leopold FC660M is a top choice among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who prefer a more understated look.
  8. Varmilo VA87M: Varmilo keyboards are known for their excellent build quality, customizable keycap options, and smooth typing experience, making them a favorite among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.
  9. HHKB Professional 2: The Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) is beloved for its unique layout, Topre switches, and compact design, making it a favorite among programmers and typists.
  10. Drop ALT: Designed in collaboration with the mechanical keyboard community, the Drop ALT offers a customizable layout, hot-swappable switches, and an aluminum case for a premium typing experience.

Remember that keyboard preferences are subjective, and the “best” mechanical keyboard for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences, such as the switch type, layout, size, and additional features you desire. It’s always a good idea to try out different keyboards if possible or read reviews from reputable sources to find the one that suits you best.


Here, we complete our explanation hopefully, it gave you a good understanding of this modern gaming tech which can be a handheld gaming. Technology is evergreen and is advancing daily, but this tech masterpiece offers a premium typing experience, and durability that differentiates them from traditional membrane keyboards.

Their tactile feedback and precise actuation make them the preferred choice of gamers and typists. So keep enjoying and upgrading yourself with new emerging technologies. 


Q- What is a low-profile Mechanical Keyboard?

Ans- Recently emerged low-profile mechanical keyboards offer lower height profile switches in comparison to normal profile switches. Also less heightened switch caps and cases which makes them lighter.

Q- What is a Mechanical vs Normal keyboard?

Ans- A mechanical keyboard uses individual mechanical keys to generate responses whereas, a membrane(normal) keyboard uses a rubber layer underneath to generate responses. Which makes Mechanical Keyboards more precise and accurate and tactile. Also, Mechanical keyboards are not cheap whereas, membrane keyboards are budget-friendly.

Q- Are Mechanical keyboards noisy?

Ans- Yes, Mechanical keyboards generate sound more than normal keyboards, it can feel like a typewriter.

Q- Why do gamers use Mechanical keyboards?

Ans- Mechanical keyboards use mechanical keys to generate responses, which makes them more precise, tactile, and accurate, than other membrane(normal) keyboards. Also, offers tons of customization, making it a good choice for gaming response.

Q- Is there a Logitech Mechanical Keyboard?

Ans- Yes, Logitech offers wired as well as wireless keyboards.

Q- What is an RGB gaming keyboard?

Ans- RGB, keyboards offer you to choose your backlight color from the spectrum of colors.


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